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Moroccan summer

Discover the Moroccan Summer mood board with earthy hues and natural materials. Terracotta is a dynamic color which will rejuvenate your interior or outdoor area without overpowering the rest of your space. Complemented by natural wood, rattan or brown wicker, the color palette will add welcoming warmth. Perfect for bringing the Moroccan sun into your home.

An imaginary trip

Imagine strolling down the medina and taking in the vibrant colors of the ancient palaces. Wind down in one of the many botanical courtyards afterwards and enjoy the stunning sunset enhancing the earthy tones.


Rattan & oak wood

Rattan is a very flexible material with distinct characteristics, thus allowing to create beautiful, unique and solely handcrafted designs.

Oak is a beautiful and strong type of wood with a lovely natural grain.

Arrange some rattan pendant lamps for a soft, diffused light that submerges every room in a warm glow. The material radiates pure warmth and cosiness complemented by a stunning solid oak table.

Acrylic rope

Everlasting strength and a warm earthy tone: acrylic rope in Terracotta combines the best of both worlds. The material is designed to withstand any weather condition and can be left outside all year long.

Add some texture to your interior or outdoor area with a knitted ottoman. Take a seat and enjoy some time off with your feet up or use the ottoman as a side table wherever you like.

Synthetic weave

Skilfully crafted synthetic weave adds charisma while offering all advantages of all-weather material. Combine the deep-brown colour with warm fabrics or accessories to complete your space.


Sit back and nestle yourself between royal cushions in soft orange hues. Subtle patterns and colour combinations blend together into luscious designs which offer both comfort and style.