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Now Coworking, Marseille

An atypical workspace. 

Now coworking is an original concept created by Pascal Givon and Edouard Laubies. They select atypical and premium sites in urban centres and transform them into innovative and creative workspaces. Their aim is to create a stimulating ecosystem which encourages collaboration and personal development by offering top-notch facilities.

With sites in Lille, Lyon, Rouen, Marseille and Bordeaux, Now Coworking is present all over France. Each site offers premium workspaces, refined decor, cosy corners to relax and opportunities to meet the community. Discover Now Coworking Marseille below.

Architects: Atelier API, TOGU

Interior design: Edouard Laubies

Photography: Ludovic Beyan

Downloads: Roxy, Edgard, Loop, Clark, Charlie

A dream location

Now Coworking Marseille offers 2,900 m² and is located directly on the Vieux-Port opposite the Hôtel de Ville. A dream working environment in the heart of the historic and cultural centre of Marseille.

Top-notch facilities

A green patio, a kitchen, a bar with a view of the Old Port, a terrace, a gym, a nap bar. The extraordinary site offers everything to create a homely feeling. Now Coworking is more than a place to work, it's a place to live.