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Seezeitlodge, Germany

An oasis of tranquility. 

The Seezeitlodge has been designed by the Berlin design studio GRAFT. The thought behind the impressive building is to use the power of the unique natural location to remain undisturbed. They wanted to intensify the connection between the natural poles of tension on the property: between the forest and the lake, between a sense of being protected and freedom, between earth, water, fire and air.

Architect: GRAFT

Interior Design: Nicolay Design

Downloads: Avril dining chair

The interior of the hotel reflects the ideas of the architects. Nicolay Design used the strength of the location to create an atmospheric quality inside, inspired by relaxation, pleasure, culture and nature.

The design creates a casual style which is also chic.

Cosy, but not customary. Playful and refreshingly different.