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The Wicked collection is designed by Brussels-based designer Alain Gilles for Vincent Sheppard. Together, they aimed to reinvent wicker as we know it. The whole design process was all about playing with the construction logics of rattan seats in a contemporary and striking manner. By creating an unexpectedly light and airy shape, Alain Gilles managed to shed new light onto the traditional wicker furniture. By combining the warm wicker material with the sleek metal frame, he aimed to create a dialogue between craftwork on the one hand and industrial processes on the other.

The Wicked collection offers an outdoor as well as an indoor (rattan) range.

The outdoor collection - available in two colours - consists of a lounge chair, a sofa, a coffee table, a side table a dining chair and a dining table.
The indoor collection consists of a lounge chair and a sofa made out of natural rattan.


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